Lube / Oil Filters :


Clean Oil Vital to Engine Performance

Dirty oil can cause major damage to your engine. Minimize the possibility of costly downtime and repairs by using the proper lube filter for your equipment.

New oils developed to support improved high-performance engines and new emission standards play a vital part in protecting engines by reducing friction and wear, cooling engine parts, sealing combustion chambers, cleaning engine components and inhibiting corrosion.

Lube filters also play a critical role in protecting engines by removing damaging contaminants from the oil.

Lube filters trap oil contaminants in two ways:

  • Some particles adhere to the filter media as the oil flows through the
    filter. These particles attach themselves to the media surface without
    plugging the media pores.

  • Other particles are trapped in the filter media by the pressure of the oil as it flows through the filter.

Hastings Premium Filters has been making lube filters for over sixty years. Hastings offers over 450 lube filters for heavy-duty and automotive applications to provide the protection your engine requires .