Air Filters :


Clean Air Filters Protect Engines

Clean air is critical to the performance and life of all engines because even the smallest dust particles can cause tremendous damage.

Every engine - automotive or heavy-duty - needs air to function and a plugged filter may reduce engine performance.

The purpose of the air filter is to keep damaging contaminants away from sensitive engine components.

To improve dust holding capacity and air flow, Hastings Premium Filters uses two proven methods to separate and stabilize the pleated media on heavy-duty air filters.

PermaPleat® — an embossing process that forms dividers between pleats to prevent bunching and ensure uniform air flow.

Beading — a continuous bead of adhesive around the circumference of a filter’s metal wrap, either inner or outer, to lock the pleat tips in place and prevent movement.

Hastings Premium Filters carries over 1,400 air filters to provide the protection your engine needs.