Radial Seal Air Filters :


Unique design advantages not only improve strength and ease of service, but contaminant holding capacity and removal efficiency as well.


The Hastings Design


Every Hastings Premium Filters air filter is designed to have an efficient balance of maximum efficiency, minimum initial restriction and cost-effective service life. The primary components of a typical heavy-duty Radial Seal air filter are the seal, molded ends, inner and outer metal wrappers and the media.


With 73 percent of the surface area of all Hastings metal wrappers open, minimal air flow restriction is attained. The most important part of the air filter is the media. Hastings ensures maximum strength and minimum restriction through its PermaPleat® design.


PermaPleat is a special embossing process which creates built-in pleat spacing in the media. This adds extra stability and separation to prevent pleats from bunching together from the force of the incoming air.


To complete the process of air filter construction, a urethane compound is used to form the molded ends and bond the media pack, which includes the inner and outer metal wrappers, forming a strong, yet flexible package.


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