Automotive Parts and Accessories

We keep your vehicle moving!


Bosch has everything your car needs:

High-quality spare parts and components for almost all car models. We also offer a full range of practical, attractive and valuable accessories to increase your driving pleasure to keep your vehicle moving.

  • Drive belts: Setting off reliably
  • Brake systems: Optimal security
  • Filters: Clean performance
  • Spark plugs: Optimum engine performance and cutting-edge technology
  • Glow plugs: Lifespan doubled thanks to an innovative glow tube
  • Lambda sensors: Save money with every kilometer you drive
  • Lighting technology: More light – better visibility
  • Parkpilot: The eyes in the back of your head
  • Windscreen wipers: Good visibility for extra safety
  • Ignition systems: It all comes down to power
  • Horns and fanfares: Strong signals for safety-minded drivers